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  the Centennial Belles of Port Alberni

Centennial Belles of Port Alberni

Regency dress Guidelines for Guinness World Record Challenge

Ladies:  Must be dressed in full length, low cut dress with high waistline.  Dress must have sleeves.  All ladies should be wearing bonnets or other Regency style head wear.

Ladies should also be accessorized to the period with items such as gloves, reticule (small purse) parasol etc.

Gentlemen should wear a tail coat with britches and knee high boots.

Gentlemen must wear a top hat, white shirt with high collar and neck cloth, and vest (waistcoat) .
Children should be dressed in a "scaled down version of the adults" according to Guinness.  Therefore, little girls in dresses to the style of ladies and little boys in britches, full sleeved shirts with neck cloth (cravat) and a vest or short jacket. (this is our best guess and suggestion only)